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Product details

Autodesk Point Layout is a software solution designed to streamline the process of laying out points and transferring design models to the field in construction projects. It helps construction professionals accurately place and coordinate layout points, ensuring that building components are positioned correctly according to design specifications. Autodesk Point Layout integrates with Autodesk construction software such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, and Navisworks, allowing users to transfer design data seamlessly from the office to the field.

Here are some key aspects and features of Autodesk Point Layout:

  1. Point Placement: Point Layout enables users to generate and place layout points directly within their Autodesk design software, such as Revit or AutoCAD. Users can select specific elements or locations in their design models and generate corresponding points for layout on the construction site.
  2. Coordinate System Management: The software helps manage coordinate systems and control points for accurate positioning and alignment of layout points in the field. Users can define project-specific coordinate systems, control point networks, and reference points to establish a common reference framework for layout operations.
  3. Data Export and Import: Point Layout facilitates the export and import of layout point data between design software and field layout devices. Users can export layout point data from their Autodesk design models to industry-standard file formats compatible with total stations, robotic total stations, and GPS devices used for field layout and surveying.
  4. Field Verification: The software provides tools for verifying and validating layout points in the field to ensure accuracy and alignment with design specifications. Users can compare field measurements with design coordinates, perform quality checks, and adjust layout points as needed to correct discrepancies or errors.
  5. Real-Time Collaboration: Point Layout supports real-time collaboration between office and field teams through cloud-based workflows and mobile applications. Users can share layout point data, design models, and project information with field personnel using mobile devices, tablets, or laptops, enabling seamless communication and coordination between project stakeholders.
  6. As-Built Documentation: The software helps capture and document as-built conditions and field modifications during construction. Users can record field measurements, deviations, and changes to layout points in real-time, as well as update design models with as-built data for accurate documentation and project closeout.
  7. BIM Integration: Point Layout integrates with Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows and platforms, allowing users to leverage BIM data for construction layout and field verification. Users can import BIM models, extract layout point data, and synchronize field measurements with BIM models to ensure alignment between design intent and construction reality.
  8. Automated Workflows: Point Layout streamlines layout processes and workflows through automation and customization features. Users can create custom templates, routines, and scripts to automate repetitive tasks, streamline layout operations, and improve productivity on construction sites.

Overall, Autodesk Point Layout is a powerful software solution for construction layout and field verification, providing construction professionals with the tools and capabilities needed to accurately place and coordinate layout points, transfer design models to the field, and ensure alignment between design intent and construction execution. Its integration with Autodesk design software, real-time collaboration features, and support for BIM workflows make it an essential tool for construction projects seeking to improve efficiency, accuracy, and coordination between office and field teams.

Additional information


1 Year


2022, 2023, 2024


Windows, MAC

Key Activation

To download and activate Autodesk Point Layout, follow these steps:


  1. Visit Autodesk's Website: Go to Autodesk's official website ( or navigate directly to the Autodesk Point Layout product page.
  2. Select Autodesk Point Layout: Find the Autodesk Point Layout product page and choose the version you want to download. Ensure that your system meets the software's requirements.
  3. Sign in or Create an Autodesk Account: If you haven't already, sign in to your Autodesk account. If you don't have an account, you'll need to create one.
  4. Choose Subscription Type: Select the subscription plan that suits your needs (monthly, yearly, etc.).
  5. Download the Software: Click on the download button to begin downloading the Autodesk Point Layout installer.


  1. Run the Installer: After the download is complete, run the installer file. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Autodesk Point Layout on your computer. You may need to enter your Autodesk account credentials during installation.
  2. Select Installation Options: During installation, you may need to select installation options such as the installation directory and additional components. Make your selections accordingly.
  3. Complete Installation: Proceed with the installation after making your selections. The installer will then install Autodesk Point Layout on your computer.


  1. Launch Autodesk Point Layout: After installation, launch Autodesk Point Layout from your desktop or Start menu.
  2. Sign in to Autodesk Account: When you launch Autodesk Point Layout for the first time, sign in to your Autodesk account. Enter your credentials to proceed.
  3. Enter Serial Number and Product Key: If required, enter the serial number and product key you received with your purchase or subscription. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter this information.
  4. Activate the Software: After entering the necessary information, follow the prompts to activate Autodesk Point Layout. This usually involves connecting to Autodesk's servers to validate your license.
  5. Confirmation: Once the activation process is complete, you should receive confirmation that Autodesk Point Layout has been successfully activated. You should now be able to use the software.

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  1. Bigger (verified owner)

    genuine key, worked like a charm. seamless process, highly recommended.

  2. William (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect. Arrived in couple of seconds and worked without any issues 😉 No need for calling Microsoft CS or anything.

  3. Riley (verified owner)

    Worked. Bought one for my dad’s computer as I wanted to be able to RDP onto it to help when needed.

  4. Ryder (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect. Got the code instantly upon payment. Activated without any issues 😉 Highly recommend.

  5. Edward (verified owner)

    It worked exactly as it should have worked. The key was provided instantly upon payment verification and I didn’t have to call Microsoft.

  6. Kaden Arabic (verified owner)

    key delivered instantly, activated without a hitch. money well spent.

  7. Max (verified owner)

    absolute charm, no need to call the activation line. welcomed change.

  8. Ruud (verified owner)

    All I needed to do was copy paste my key into the activation field in windows settings and it worked. No phone calls, no hassle. Just the way I like it.

  9. Pedro (verified owner)

    I questioned if the key would be legit considering the price difference but The key worked perfectly the first time without having to call. If you want to save more than a hundred bucks, come here

  10. Pedro (verified owner)

    code arrived instantly upon payment. works perfectly and saved me money.

  11. Avery (verified owner)

    The activation key worked like a charm and is genuine. Thank you.

  12. Samuel (verified owner)

    Worked exactly as it should have worked. Key was provided instantly upon payment verification and I didn’t have to call Microsoft.

  13. Liam (verified owner)

    immediate activation, smooth process. saved both time and money.

  14. Ruud (verified owner)

    Worked great. I needed a key and that was the end of it. Activation was done over the phone and I had no issues. Personally, I’d recommend.

  15. Jacob (verified owner)

    Sheesh. Easy Peasy. Was skeptical and nervous a bit, but delivered on all fronts.

  16. Ryan (verified owner)

    Code was given to me instantly upon payment.

  17. Eduardo (verified owner)

    seemless activation, genuine key. easy and efficient. 100% recommended.

  18. Angel (verified owner)

    smooth activation, no problems at all. a trustworthy and efficient service.

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